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Plant Explosion Accident Lawyer in New Orleans - Big Easy Accident Lawyer

Plant Explosion Accident Lawyer – Fighting for Injured Workers Across New Orleans

There are many chemical plants, oil refineries, and other industrial facilities on the Gulf Coast, especially in New Orleans, where the Mississippi River passes through.

These are the main sources of livelihood for the city’s population. However, working in a plant or refinery has its own risks, the most dreaded of them all being a plant explosion. The blast, chemical spills, heat, and contamination all pose a major threat to both human life and the environment.

So what happens if you get injured during a plant explosion? You might get hospitalized, suffer life-threatening conditions, and even lose your ability to live and work normally.

That’s why it’s important to have experienced accident lawyers at your side — like us at Big Easy Accident Lawyer.

We’re well-versed in personal injury law and are dedicated to helping you get compensation for the damages you’ve suffered.

Louisiana Refinery and Plant Explosions

Working in a factory or plant is hazardous. While plant owners and operators are required to follow safety standards to avoid accidents, catastrophes can still happen, no matter what measures are taken.

Plus, there are always those who prioritize profit over everything else, leading to the negligence of proper plant protocol. If these people fail to replace aging equipment, ignore recommendations from plant inspectors, or use substandard materials, their oversights may add up to an explosion over time.

As of writing, the most recent plant or oil refinery explosion near New Orleans happened in a Marathon Petroleum facility as recently as February of 2022. Six injuries were reported.

Unfortunately, this kind of injury is not a thing of the past. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury from a plant accident like this, the support of lawyers will be your most important asset when seeking compensation. Contact a Louisiana plant explosion lawyer as soon as you can.

Common Industrial Accidents That Can Occur at a Plant, Refinery, or Factory

Plant Explosion Lawyer in New Orleans - Big Easy Accident Lawyer

  • Fires and Plant Explosions: An explosion or fire is among the most catastrophic things that can happen in a plant. These incidents often lead to many injuries and deaths, as well as damage to the plant.
  • Exposure to Toxic Harmful Chemicals: Chemical spills can cause injury to the skin, eyes, lungs, and other body parts. In addition, long-term exposure can cause cancer, sterility, and brain damage.
  • Electrocution: If electricians or other plant staff are negligent of their duties to maintain a safe working environment, a plant employee may come into contact with a live wire unexpectedly, causing electrocution. These result in severe injuries at the least and death at the most.
  • Bodily Injuries From Malfunctioning Equipment: Loss of limbs, cuts, bruises, and hearing loss can happen when someone uses or is exposed to malfunctioning machines, vehicles, and other types of faulty equipment. When it comes to injuries, industrial accidents in a chemical plant or refinery typically lead to severe bodily harm, even if no explosion accidents are involved.
  • Inhalation/Leak of Toxic Fumes: A chemical plant can have many types of volatile materials that can leak and enter workers’ lungs, causing lasting injuries or even disabilities.

Common Causes of Catastrophic Plant and Refinery Accidents

Accidents don’t just happen. Certain chains of events can result in catastrophic plant and refinery explosions, chemical spills, or raging fires, and all of them are due to negligence. Here are some of the most common causes of an industrial accident in a refinery or plant:

  1. Lack of Proper Training

    Many plant explosions happen because new workers don’t know the proper procedures for working in a refinery or operating the equipment. Owners and managers must adequately train new workers, especially in high-risk processes, to avoid an accident or explosion that leaves their workers injured.

  2. Dangerous Conditions

    Some facilities work with very volatile substances or high-risk processes, increasing the possibility of plant explosions.

  3. Inadequate Safety Equipment and Measures

    When workers don’t have the right safety gear or are using subpar items, then there’s a higher chance of injury for all workers on the premises. Improper safety measures, like missing hazard signs or expired fire extinguishers, may also cause an accident.

  4. Incorrect or Neglected Equipment Repair and Maintenance

    If an inspector found faulty equipment and the management failed to address the issue, then plant explosions may happen, guaranteeing injuries and threatening the lives of many workers. Incorrect repair and maintenance are also just as bad as the lack of it.

  5. Human Error

    Unfortunately, carelessness can result in accidents and serious injuries, especially in high-risk situations or settings. Regardless of the cause, refinery accidents, plant accidents, and other job-related accidents can lead to injuries that workers like you or your loved ones may never fully recover from.

    So how do you protect your rights and ensure that you receive all possible compensation for the accident once you’re injured? We’ll cover this below.

How to Protect Your Rights After a Chemical Plant Explosion or Refinery Accident


Plant Explosion Accident in New Orleans - Big Easy Accident LawyerLet’s say that an accident happened in a plant and you or a loved one were injured. What do you do?

After the explosion, get immediate medical help. You should also notify your employer about the injuries you suffered. This creates documentation of what happened, which can be valuable evidence in court. During these crucial moments, you’ll want to have an accident attorney help you process a personal injury claim.

Louisiana worker’s compensation law mandates your employer provide coverage for all the damage you suffered during the explosion. However, you’ll need the help of a New Orleans, LA, explosion injury attorney to help you obtain the maximum compensation you deserve.

Compensation After a Plant Explosion or Refinery Accident in New Orleans

Here are some of the aspects covered by your employer after an explosion or refinery accident:

  • Medical Bills
  • Care and Future Treatments
  • Lost Employment
  • Lost Wages
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Disfigurement and Disability
  • Punitive Damages

If You’ve Sustained an Injury, Contact Louisiana Refinery and Chemical Plant Accident Lawyers

Big Easy Accident Lawyers is a firm of experienced and dedicated lawyers. We’ve been helping clients new and old navigate the law surrounding personal injury claims, including those who have been involved in a Louisiana chemical plant explosion or another form of chemical plant accident.

If you and other workers have sustained serious injuries from a refinery or chemical plant explosion in Louisiana, reach out to us today to get in touch with a reliable attorney who will represent your case.

Louisiana Chemical Plant & Refinery Accident FAQs

When an explosion occurs in a plant, refinery, or factory, all employees within the premises can suffer grievous injuries and even death.

If you or a loved one were involved in an explosion, get immediate medical help. Then, contact accident attorneys to start processing your claim.

The law differs from state to state. In Louisiana, you have up to a year after the event to file your accident claim.

Your accident lawyer will help you navigate the legal processes of filing a chemical plant accident claim and will negotiate on your behalf so you can focus on recovering while the legal battle ensues.