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Airplane Accident Lawyer in New Orleans - Big Easy Accident Lawyer

Aviation and Airplane Accident Lawyer in New Orleans, LA

Getting hurt or losing a loved one because of aviation accidents is always tricky and tragic. This is why you need airplane accident attorneys to represent your case with compassion and competence.

Big Easy Accident Lawyer has worked with and represented families, companies, and individuals for the best legal help on airplane accidents in New Orleans.

If you’re searching for aviation attorneys in NOLA, Big Easy Accident Lawyer may be an excellent choice. We are injury attorneys in aviation accident representation to hold parties accountable and bring justice to the victims. Call us today to learn more about our personal injury services.

Causes of Airplane Crashes

Airplane Accident in New Orleans - Big Easy Accident Lawyer

Aviation accidents are catastrophic. To add insult to injury, they’re also very challenging cases to solve since the question of what caused the aviation accident is difficult to answer.

However, this is something that you should ask immediately, especially if a loved one is one of the aircraft passengers during an aviation accident.

As personal injury lawyers, we ensure that we explore every possibility of why your aircraft crashed so we can develop a strong case for your claims. Here are some of the reasons why aviation accidents happen:

1. Aircraft Equipment Malfunction

Aviation accidents may happen because of defects in manufacturer and design flaws, depreciation, and anything that can contribute to aircraft damage. That’s why it’s critical to conduct routine and thorough aircraft inspections to prevent these accidents.

However, accidents may still happen because of faulty aircraft equipment and undetected component malfunctions.

2. Pilot and Crew Error

Aside from aircraft damage, crashes can also result from human error.

After all, flights are manned by people such as:

  • Pilots
  • Ground crew
  • Flight attendants
  • Air traffic controllers

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) looks at numerous factors to determine if there was a human error committed that resulted in aviation accidents.

These factors include, but are not limited to:

  • The training these professionals received
  • Communication between air traffic control, ground crew, and the pilot
  • Attention to detail before the aircraft flew

Your attorney can also look at these factors to determine if personal injury claims are possible.

3. Mid-Air Accidents

While not familiar, mid-air accidents are still a possibility. Aviation accidents involving collisions primarily result from the lack of collision-avoidance systems and other technologies that can prevent them.

While the FAA imposes the implementation of up-to-date and new technology, they can still malfunction, leading to an aviation accident involving collisions between two aircraft.

4. Sabotage

An aviation accident can also be a result of plane sabotage. The most notable examples include 9/11 and Egypt Air Flight 990.

5. Weather

Weather is also a common cause of air accidents. While it’s standard procedure to ground the plane because of bad weather, pilots and crews still pursue flights, which attorneys can use as grounds for negligence.

Communication between pilots, ground crew, and air traffic control is vital to preventing this negligence.

Types of Airplane Accidents

When filing for personal injury claims, it’s also essential to identify which type of aviation accident happened.

There are two types of plane accidents that New Orleans attorneys primarily make a case for:

1. Commercial Airplane Accidents

Commercial plane crashes are rare, thanks to the advancement in aviation technologies. However, other aviation accidents may happen and cause injury when you’re on board a flight, such as:

  • Slip and fall
  • Struck by an object
  • Getting tripped

Like all businesses, airplane companies still need to ensure a level of care for their passengers. After all, no one wants to be involved in accidents and sustain an injury or two while traveling by air.

This is why the law allows passengers to file compensation claims when they get into an accident. New Orleans attorneys can help settle your claims for injuries.

2. Private Airplane Accidents

Unlike commercial plane accidents, private plane crashes are more common than you think. They’re not as regulated by law and require less training than big, commercial airlines. That’s why you’re more likely to sustain injuries due to private plane crashes.

Personal injury lawyers in New Orleans can help you find the liable parties in case of private plane accidents.

What Is the Difference Between Commercial Air Travel and General Aviation?

It’s important to distinguish the difference between commercial air travel and general aviation. While both are nonmilitary flight operations, they have distinct differences when determining the claims you can get when accidents happen.

Commercial air travel is a flight scheduled by commercial airlines. When you purchase a ticket to fly on a plane as a passenger, that flight falls under this category. On the other hand, general aviation is a residual term that refers to all nonscheduled flights that are not operated by commercial airlines or the military.

So, why is it essential to identify which type of air travel a passenger was in when they sustained an injury? Personal injury lawyers typically refer to the laws and regulations that govern these travel types. For instance, general aviation has more relaxed rules than commercial air travel.

Receiving Compensation for Your Aircraft Injury or Accident

New Orleans Airplane Accident Lawyer- Big Easy Accident Lawyer

So, you’re involved in a plane accident? Or maybe you lost a loved one because of aviation accidents. How exactly will you know the claims to file against liable parties?

Accidents that result in personal injury can be compensated based on the injuries inflicted on the victim, namely:

  • Emotional distress
  • Lost wages and earning capabilities
  • Physical and mental damage
  • Loss of consortium in the case of married couples… and more.

Accidents may incur economic, non-economic, and punitive damages to the victim. All this damage can be compensated if you file the proper claims and win them against liable parties.

What Injuries Are Caused by New Orleans Plane Crash Accidents?

You can acquire different injuries when you’re involved in plane-related accidents. You can gain physical injuries such as scrapes, cuts, bruises, and burns. Other more severe damages and injuries include bone fractures and spinal cord injuries.

You can also get emotional and mental trauma because of an aviation accident. As we said, New Orleans law will help you get the compensation you deserve from negligent and liable parties.

Who Is Liable in an Aviation Accident?

So, you sustained injuries from a plane-related accident. Who can you go to to file and settle your claims?

Here’s a quick list of people and entities that you’ll usually go after in plane accidents:

  • Passengers: You can’t randomly get hurt in air travel. Sometimes, your fellow passengers will cause you harm and injuries. You’re entitled by law to get compensation for the damage they’ve done to you.
  • Airlines: In the case of commercial air travel, you can also file claims for injuries against airlines. Airlines have the responsibility to keep you safe while you travel with them.
  • Owner/Operator: In the case of general aviation, owners and operators have the responsibility to keep you safe and ensure that their equipment functions correctly.
  • Manufacturers: Finally, a plane manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that the parts they delivered weren’t flawed and defective. Any damage found in their equipment can be grounds for claims against them.

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