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Jones Act in New Orleans - Big Easy Accident Lawyer

The Jones Act – What Maritime Workers Need To Know

As a maritime worker in New Orleans, it’s important to be aware of the Jones Act. This law stipulates that certain vessels traveling between U.S. ports must be manned by American crew members.

If you’re not familiar with the Jones Act and its implications, Big Easy Accident Lawyer will let you know your rights under the Jones Act that can help you protect your job and livelihood.

What Is The Jones Act?

The Jones Act is also sometimes called the “Merchant Marine Act of 1920” a law passed by Congress that provides protection to maritime workers.

It governs the liability of vessel operators and marine employers for work-related injury or death caused through employment, providing an inclusive set of national standards across all seaways in America so they can be guided accordingly with ease.

The Jones Act applies to both inland river employees and offshore workers who work on the following vessels:

  • Jack-up Rig
  • Semi-SubmersibleJones-Act-Law-in-New-Orleans-Big-Easy-Accident-Lawyer
  • Barge
  • Drillship
  • Tug/Towboat
  • Crew Boat
  • Drill Ship
  • Dredge
  • Floating Crane
  • Tanker
  • Cargo Ship
  • Fishing Vessel
  • Chemical Ship
  • Research Vessel
  • Construction Barge
  • Lay Barge
  • Motorized Platform
  • Diving Vessel
  • Cruise Ship
  • Recreational Boat
  • Other Floating / Movable Structures


What Does The Jones Act Do?

The main purpose of the Jones Act is to protect maritime workers from being injured on the job. The act provides financial compensation to workers who are injured or killed while working on a vessel.

It also allows workers to sue their employers if they feel that their employer was negligent in causing their injury. The Jones Act is similar to the workers’ compensation system, but it provides more protection for maritime workers.

The Jones Act provides two main types of compensation for injured workers:

Maintenance and Cure

This claim provides that a seaman who suffers illness or injury while “in the service of ship” is entitled to recover maintenance and cure from his employer.

This compensation is awarded in order for him/her to get medical care, and housing until they reach maximum rehabilitation possible under the law which varies depending on location but can include lost wages as well if applicable at the time period involved with the application.

Unseaworthiness Claims

This claim requires you to show that there was something wrong with your vessel, such as poorly maintained equipment or an unsafe environment for employees on board – this could include a lack of handrails and failed safety procedures which lead to injury.

If these conditions exist then they may qualify under federal law so long as their remedy stems from what happened during operation rather than design flaws at inception.


The Importance of The Jones Act

New Orleans Jones Act Lawyer - Big Easy Accident lawyerThe Jones Act is one of the most important pieces of legislation for the maritime industry in the United States. The act provides many benefits and protections for those who work on ships and other vessels that are navigating through U.S. waters.

One of the most important aspects of the Jones Act is that it provides workers with compensation if they are injured while working on a vessel. The act also establishes rules and regulations regarding safety standards that must be met by vessel owners and operators.

The Benefits of the Jones Act

The Jones Act is a law that provides many benefits to Americans, including:

  • It protects American jobs by requiring that all vessels used in interstate commerce are built and operated by Americans.
  • It promotes safety at sea by setting high standards for the construction and operation of vessels.
  • It helps protect the environment by requiring operators to use clean, low-emission fuels for their ships.
  • It promotes U.S. business by ensuring a stable market for shipbuilding and maritime jobs in America.

Learn More About Jones Act Today!

Jones Act claims can be complicated, but our firm is here to help! We have experience fighting maritime battles on behalf of clients who need assistance learning about their legal rights.

If you’re unsure what the law requires or how it applies in your situation don’t hesitate – contact us now for a free consultation where one member will listen closely while another two try hard not to get distracted by anything else until after they’ve compiled all available information relevant to helping solve this issue at hand.

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